TWO DAY WORKSHOP,  MARCH 5-6, 2016, 9 AM to 4 PM  

Designed for All Levels of Spinners*

* Spinner must be able to able to keep their wheel spinning clockwise consistently.

Workshop goal: To give students good basic techniques in spinning cotton so they feel comfortable with cotton and see how easy it is to spin.

Workshop Description:

Day 1.. INTRODUCTION TO COTTON SPINNING This class is a basic introduction to cotton spinning and is designed to give the spinner an understanding of both cotton and how and why to adjust their wheel for this fine, short staple fiber. Students will learn how to card and make punis from ginned cotton. They will not only learn to spin from a puni but also proper techniques for spinning all kinds of cotton fiber. Spinning off the cottonseed to all forms of prepared cotton sliver will be covered the first day.

           Introduction to cotton; kinds and properties.

            Carding cotton and making punis.

           Adjusting and understanding your wheel.

            Techniques of spinning cotton from a puni, off the seed, sliver and lint.

            Introduce the takli spindle to those who want to learn.

Day 2..EXPLORING MORE COTTON SPINNING This class reviews day 1 and reinforces proper spinning techniques for cotton. A quick review of carding and blending dyed cotton lint will reinforce the carding technique. In the morning we will be plying our cotton singles and learning how to prepare the cotton yarn for use to knit, weave and for other needlecrafts.  

            Review carding and spinning cotton      

            Basic plying techniques

            Finishing techniques and spinning

            Discuss how to dye/paint on cotton fiber

            Discuss designing cotton yarn for projects and how to use them.

The cost for the two day event is $125.

Please use the button below to register.  We look forward to seeing you!


About Joan:

First a professional teacher and then a spinner, Joan Ruane has been teaching spinning classes throughout the U.S., Canada, UK and New Zealand since 1980. Active in local and regional Guilds, she has also owned and operated fiber shops in both Florida and Arizona. Joan has published cotton newsletters, written articles for fiber magazines and has published two DVD: Cotton Spinning Made Easy and Cotton Spinning With A Takli. She has republished Hand Spinning Cotton by Harry and Olive Linder, bringing it up to date with modern techniques. This year she published the much needed “Beginning Cotton Spinning on the Wheel” workbook.

Joan has a web site that offers tips on spinning and working with cotton:

Past Events

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Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 9am - 4pm and Sunday, November 16, 2014 from 9am - 2pm

In this 2 day course, you will explore ways to improve photographic imagery and documentation of your creative processes and finished work. Using any camera, this hands-on workshop explores lighting, composition, and camera operation. Please bring your favorite cameras (including cell phones and other portable electronics), operational manuals, and some of your handmade items to photograph. We will create beautiful images that will help you generate interest in your handmade creations and creative processes.

Photography Basics-

  • An overview of lighting and exposure as it pertains to your camera.
  • We will discuss color line and composition as it pertains to telling your story.
  • Personal image review – receive feedback your photographs before class and generate ideas for future images.
  • Build a reflector to improve your lighting conditions at home and in your studio.
  • Hands on Practice photographing handmades in two main styles (imagery that tells a story and imagery that describes a product.  We will use tools and materials easily acquired at craft and home improvement stores to simulate professional photography studio lighting conditions.

Participants will walk away with ideas for telling their own story through imagery and the skills needed to make their photographs come out clearer, sharper, and more interesting to others.